Humorous Copywriting – Adding Humor in Web Content

Humor has a universal appeal. People want to be happy. Many advertisement companies that show products on television commercials about the products add humor to it. The reason is to, make people laugh and remember the product with fond memories. This idea works in television commercials, but when it comes to humorous copywriting, one has to be cautious about adding humor in web content.Benefits of Humor in the Web ContentIn this hectic modern day life, where daily stress and anxiety robs people of their happiness, the idea of bringing the smile on the faces of the targeted online audience, seems to be a good one. Humorous copywriting if done well can help to spread the advertisement to even those customers who are resistant to receiving advertisements. Humor in web content, if used wisely can help the product to penetrate the most difficult part of the customer base. Humorous copywriting provides a sparkling touch if there is space left for it in the advertisement.Risks of Humorous CopywritingA copy writer who wants to add humor in web content should be careful in not generalizing online humor because, what may be funny for one group, might not appeal t the other group of people. This is because everybody has different life experiences and taking this into consideration before adding humor would be a wise step. Instead of generalizing humor it is better to use humorous copywriting for a specific group, which is sure to respond to it happily. Thus humor in copywriting has a very limited scope. Copywriting is focused on selling some product or service and the use of humor in web content increases the risk of people completely overlooking it, when they are in serious mood and focused on searching or buying a particular product or service. Humorous copywriting can also fail miserably when people remember the humor in it but forget about the product, advertised. Hence humor can cloud the sale of product and in process defeat the very purpose for which the advertisement was created.Safely Using Humor in Web ContentThe prime objective of copy writing is to sell a product or service online. The idea of adding a humorous touch may be fine up to a certain level. Beyond it, it is sure to backfire and hurt the prospects of the advertisement campaign. Adopting a cautious approach is like putting the best foot forward when it comes to adding humor in web content. It is important to get a feedback from the familiar people, before feeding the advertisement to the online customers. If the humor does not get appreciation, it can be re-written, for getting a better result. This approach greatly reduces failure of the advertisement. Prior to attempting, humorous copywriting, it is important to study funny advertisements or comedians and learn few tricks of the trade. It is important to take care that the advertisement does not loose the sense of direction due to humor in it. If there is some doubt that humor will play a spoilsport, it is better to dump it out of the advertisement. This will save the online advertiser time and money. In the end it is better to adopt a cautious outlook when it comes to adding humor in web content.